Formula 1: Alonso Quits Ferrari

Fernando Alonso has parted ways with Formula 1 giants Ferrari. The Spaniard is said to have quit due to age reasons, he couldn’t wait for more time to get back to winning ways.

The news came from Luca Montezomolo, the President of Ferrari. He has been in contact with Alonso on the issues of contract extension, and asserted that Alonso  quits for two reasons:

1. He wants to try in another environment.

2. Alonso, 33 could not afford to wait for two more seasons in the Scuderia to see if the new project led by Marco Mattiacci consolidated to competitive car.

Alonso, who  joined Ferrari in 2010, and won two championships in his Formula 1 career has vowed not to retire without a third championship title.

That means, he is ready to take on new challenges, even though his destination is yet to be known.

Meanwhile, the president of Ferrari has not made a speedy move for replacement, it is being treated like a secret. But there is assumption Alonso could be replaced by Sebastian Vettel.

But the Ferrari president, issued a contradicting statement saying: “If Alonso runs in 2015, his destination will be no other than McLaren Honda.”

Meanwhile, the world awaits until Ferrari makes the official announcement.


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