Mind your business! Del Bosque tells Mourinho

The Spanish team head coach, Vincente Del Bosque, has spoken on the recent issues involving Chelsea and Spanish players, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas.

Speaking on the controversy generated by comments made by Real Madrid Defender, Sergio Ramos. Del Bosque urged Mourinho to mind his business.

Ramos has question the commitment of both Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas, after the Chelsea duo missed Spanish Euro qualifying match against Belarus, and subsequent friendly against Germany, owing to injury.

Mourinho has responded to the criticism, saying- “Ramos is no doctor.” The Chelsea duo were excused by Del Bosque to return to Chelsea. But Mourinho did not let that go unanswered, and his comments have generated controversy between Spanish national team and Chelsea.

The Spanish tactician has thus urged the Chelsea coach to talk about the problems in his house.

We value great coaches like Mourinho, began Del Bosque, always with a wry smile on his face. But I think everyone should think about what happens at his home. It is what we all must do, review  what happens in our house. “

He was also asked about the mess generated following statements about Neuer and Casillas, with  Xabi Alonso stating that, Neuer is by far the best goalkeeper I’ve ever played with.”

Del Bosque said, “I have not heard these statements, only I read, so I do not know if what has been said or has not been said. What is clear is that both are in the top five and we are very pleased to have Casillas for many years at Real Madrid and Spain.


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