FIFA presidency: No European candidate to challenge Blatter

Amidst corruption allegations lurking around the world football governing body FIFA, it certainly appears that Sepp Blatter will be reelected come 2015 when the presidential election will be held.

This conclusion was made from the official statement issued by the UEFA President, Mitchel Platini, in Monaco. Platini said there is no candidate from Europe to challenge Sepp Blatter.

There have been many aspirants, but never any strong enough to beat the Swiss off the seat.

Concerns  have been growing from alleged malpractices going on in the football house, there is a tendency that the beautiful game could be harmed.

Therefore, UEFA has been looking for alternatives from the top 5 leagues, but it seems no one so far could match the Swiss big fish.

Africa, Asia and the Americas also don’t have a weighty Aspirant. The world of football only have to accept their fate.




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