Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to win Ballon D'or until someone outscore him

Platini says that a German player should win ballon d'or, not surprised most Barca fans are ok with the idea because they know Messi has almost no chance of winning. He said a player that won the world cup should win the ballon d'or, but at least he admitted that it was like that until Messi won in 2010.

I have noticed that the criteria always changes when Messi has a chance of winning.

In 2010 Snieder won the treble, but since he doesn't have a big name, he was not on the list. Then came Iniesta who won the world cup, but he dose not score goals like Messi so he had no chance. So they gave Messi based on goals and marketable name.

In 2011, Messi won La Liga, while Cristiano won Copa, they said La Liga is bigger than Copa, and we Real fans agree. Messi won.

In 2012, just the next season, it was the opposite, Messi won Copa, while Cristiano won La Liga, but he scored 91 goals. From then, goals becomes more important than title ''La liga''

So in 2013, by experience, both Cristiano and we Real fans knew that he just needed to score more goals to win ballon d'or, then all of a sudden, Barca fans and some Messi fans were pressing for another change in Criteria. '' Ronaldo only had more goal'' they said. And some others decided to Rally around Ribery because he won the Treble. Then for those who don't have short memory remembered that Snieder also won the Treble but did not win ballon d'or. While other journalist argued that it is an individual award.

In 2014, to satisfy some Barca fans, Cristiano won CL and Copa. But once again, some Barca fans have changed the criteria, now a finalist is the most qualified for ballon d'or. But Snieder was also a finalist in world cup after winning the treble. He achieved more in 2010 than Messi in 2013/2014

Other prefer to talk about ''world cup golden ball'' well in 2010, Forlan won the'' world cup golden ball'' but he was not in the final 5 for ballon d'or.

So now, to those Barca fan and Platini, decide what the criteria is and STICK to it once and for all. Fifa now find themselves in a position were they are obliged to finish what they started with Messi. Cristiano would continue to win ballon d'or until some outscores him, that is my conclusion!!

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