Claudio Ranieri: Leicester League Win Will Be Hard To Maintain

Leicester City won the 2015/2016 League on Monday after Chelsea draw 2-2 with Tottenham at Stamford Bridge with two games still to play.

The football club will be pocketing over $132 million for winning the premier league title with a new television deal worth £5.136bn for over three years.

But Foxes manager Claudio Ranieri is saying that Leicester League win could be a one off, he suggested that this kind of win only comes along roughly once every 20 years, pointing to the examples of Nottingham Forest in 1978 and Blackburn Rovers in 1995.

“Maybe now is too early to think what we have done,” said the 64-year-old. “Maybe in one or two years it will be easier to understand, but now it is important to stay high in the world.”


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