Did Carlo Ancelotti say Juventus is better than Chelsea and Bayern Munich?


According to Goalcom, Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti suggested that Juventus will pose biggest threat to his clubs quest to retain the Champions League. But many people, especially Chelsea and Bayern Munich fans did not find the comment okay and called for Ancelotti’s head while castigating Juventus. A Juventus fan responded and set the record straight. Below is what he said –

Goal.com are shameless. This article is a fabricated piece of crap used only to get clicks. This is what Carlo [Ancelotti] really said and note, nowhere in here did he say Juve was better than Bayern/Chelsea and nowhere did he say that Bayern and Chelsea had inexperienced youngsters, he was actually directing that comment towards Juventus

“Juve are a great team and they proved that last season in the two matches against us, in the group stage,” said the multiple Champions League winner to Tuttosport.

“Their team were able to stand up to us in the first and the second round. If the younger players capitalise on this experience, the Bianconeri can consider themselves a candidate for the ultimate victory.

“Juventus can stand up to us, to Bayern [Munich] and to Chelsea. Their historical core is composed of the World Champions and world-class foreigners, that is to say, players with great international experience.

“They’re just short of a dash of maturity in the younger players.”

Goal.com should be ashamed to blatantly mislead their public like this. It’s one thing to exaggerate or embellish, it’s another to completely make up lies.

And maybe I just refuse to jump on the Chelsea bandwagon but I honestly don’t get all the hype, They’re in some good form and they have a very good team and deserve credit for it but they’ve won nothing yet and we haven’t even reached the knockout stages in the CL where the real competition begins. Their heavy loss yesterday to Tottenham as well as draws with teams like Maribor in the CL shows they could slip up at any given time. This is the Champions League, where the better team on the night wins, it is not always based on current form. Chelsea are also probably the only top English team that are in decent form at the moment so it’s not like they’re battling huge competition in the Premiere League.

Juventus have had a good few years, they have their weakness like any other team but it’s staggering to see the amount of hate and underestimation they get. When they returned to the CL, they were only eliminated by Bayern Munich in the quarters who eventually won the whole thing and even battered Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate so when you think about it, Juve’s 4-0 loss wasn’t even that bad. Last season, as Carlo said, they stood up to the eventual champions Real Madrid and outplayed them with 10 men at the Bernabeu and also managed a 2-2 draw in Turin. I wouldn’t write them off just because they had some bad luck against Copenhagan and gala last season which caused them to be eliminated. It happens and it happened to Chelsea too when they were humiliated by Juve in the group stage the year following their CL victory.

Juve got through a tough group this year with only 3 points separating them from Atletico Madrid while Chelsea were in a much more straight forward group without another top team contesting them for 1st place. I’d say a game with Chelsea and Juve should rightfully be viewed as a 50/50.


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