Arsene Wenger finally apologized

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has apologized for his scuffle with Jose Mourinho on the eve of a match duel which saw Arsenal  went down 2-0.

Arsene Wenger left his technical area to attack Chelsea manager Jose mourinho, citing provocation.

The 64 year old has earlier refused to apologize but changed his mind lately. Wenger and Mourinho have been rivals ever since the latter joined premiership.

Mourinho labeling him “specialist in failure” and never saw the need to apologize has been a fire ball in the French man’s heart.

Now you see why he overreacted when Alexis Sanchez was brought down by Gary Cahill.

Now Wenger says: ” I couldn’t have reacted like that. I regret every sign of violence and I apologize”

However, Jose Mourinho has shown no remorse for whatever happened between them.



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