Diver encounters giant 26 feet Anaconda

If it  is finally confirmed to be the longest anaconda ever encountered, this diver could be on his way of having his name clearly inscribed in the Guinness book of records.

As it is their duties to be on the look out for and at the same time maintain their sense of duties, A diver, while diving deep within the rivers of the Brazilian rain forest, this wildlife expert encounters a huge anaconda that would have sent your average diver swimming for the shore. But that was never going to be said of an experienced Brazilian diver like  Franco Banfi! He was courageous enough to have lived up to his profession thus making this news update an indeed one from the horse’s mouth.

The massive green anaconda was estimated by some to be 26 feet long…which if that’s true… that would make it one of the biggest snakes in the world as the Guinness book of records has the world’s longest snake in captivity at 25 feet.

Many discoveries continues to fill humans with awe as this likely  world biggest anaconda shows.  For him, likely as it may appear, it should be; let the discovery continue because what doesn’t kill a man, certainly makes him stronger.


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