Woman dupe into sham marriage with a Gambian man who wanted UK Visa

A UK woman fall victim to an immigration marriage scam reveals how a Gambian local musician Lamin Sidibeh, used her get a UK visa.

‘He was physically very attractive, athletic, attentive but I was very cautious that this was a holiday romance,’ she told Channel 5 documentary Holiday Love Rats.

‘He made me feel like I was unique. After three failed marriages I was getting old.’

Although Julie returned to Britain, the pair kept in touch and 12 months later she booked another trip back to The Gambia – for her wedding in 2008.

‘The romance didn’t last long. We spent the whole of our honeymoon filling in visa applications,’ she said.

However, her world began falling apart two months after he was granted indefinite leave to stay in the UK.

‘One day he came home with a bunch of flowers and told me he was leaving,’ said Julie.

‘I told him to pack his things and get out.’

‘The whole thing he came for was a visa, payout and an escape. He got what he wanted and it wasn’t me.’

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