Sugabelly Vs Mustapha Audu, The Only Truth So Far


Like every other internet Nigerian, I have been following the rape accusation between Sugabelly (Lotanna Igwe-Odunze) and Mustapha Audu with keen interest, interested only in finding the truth. But each time I tried to arrive at a conclusion, something else come up and change the whole perception. So, I have not been able to reach any concrete conclusion until the whole truth is out.

However, someone did capture the the most plausible of the whole saga to the extend possible at this time. The comment below was made by Agabusta on Nairaland and I think this is the best conclusion so far.

Well from my own opinion, they had a relationship, a very steamy one that ended at the detriment of the girl.

And she is still very bitter and angry.

Sometimes some ladies especially those ones u took their virginity can be crazily in love with someone.

Lotanna Igwe-Odunze and her accused rapist, Mustapha Audu | Photo: That1960Chick
Lotanna Igwe-Odunze and her accused rapist, Mustapha Audu | Photo: That1960Chick

They can also be obsessively in love, which I think is what happened in this case.

The lady obviously was obsessively in love with the guy and threw everything at him.

She may be right that she was gang banged, but I can validly assume that she must have willingly participated in at least one orgy before the guy will be forcing her to participate in others.

Youths having access to cool cash and liberty can be extremely wild.

The guy and the lady obviously had a wild intimate relationship, which resulted in the lady being in emotional bondage to the guy. The guy, as usual with most spoilt brats then took advantage of her and started treating her like dirt.

The lady being an obsessive lover, took the dirt thinking “if that pleases the man I love, then I can take it”.

At the end of the day, the guy jilted her in a way that left her emotionally devastated. Jilting an obsessive lover can be traumatic, in fact they may kill in anger or commit suicide.

She is angry and bitter and unable to get back at the Audus due to their influence in the society.

This must have made her even more bitter.

She now lives in the US, land of equity and justice. And her eyes are fully opened with realizations that she was abused!

This is with respect to her age then, but had the guy not jilted her, this would never had come up.

She wants her own pound of flesh and has fired the first shots.

But I must let her know that this is Nigeria, except she has all her facts intact, Nigerian guys cannot be easily intimidated.

When the Audus decide to fight back and open their own can of worms, I hope her family will not suffer greater embarrassments.

Of course the show has just began, she fired the first shots at the Audus using their real name while she used an alias that sounds even somehow. The Audus are now prepared to take on her back and has revealed her real name.

One thing is sure, the Audu guy may be guilty on some fronts, but this lady equally played along until the relationship was broken. Imagine a lady trying to describe $exual encounter with a guy to the public using a phrase like “he fvck.d me”. Her usage of that word alone will make a lot of people in this our society to doubt the ‘young innocent me personality’ she is trying to sell to the public.

I’m not a lawyer. Someone pls tell me if we have anything like ‘statutory rape’ in the Nigerian criminal laws. No bashing pls. Just want to know if for sure we also have it in our laws.


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  1. What word should she use? Describe your definition of innocent. She was abused verbally, mentally and physically. Til it happens to a female you know then you’d realise.

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