Getting Acquainted With Acronyms Used By Teens On Social Media

Getting Acquainted with Acronyms used by teens on internet, social media and texting apps. Imagine sitting next to your girl and she’s $ex texting without you having an idea of what she’s doing even when you can see  her SMS. would you be able to interpret this message if she/he writes I’LL GNOC as soon as 99? See  the list of some of these acronyms you need to know about.

IWSN – I want $ex now

53x – $ex

GNOC – Get [email protected] in Front of Computer

NIFOC – [email protected] In Front of Computer

PIR – Parent In Room

9 – Parent Watching

99 – Parent Gone

1174 – Party Meeting Place

THOT – That Hoe Over There

CID- Acid (that drug)

Broken – Hungover From Alcohol

420 – Marijuana

POS – Parent Over There

SUGARPIC – Suggestive or Erotic Photo

KOTL – Kiss On The Lips

(L)MIRL – Let’s Meet In Real Life

PRON – Pron

TDTM – Talk Dirt To Me

8 – Oral $ex

CD9 – Parent Around/Code 9

IPN – I’m Posting [email protected]

LH6 – Let’s Have $ex

WTTP – Want To Trade Pictures

DOC – Drug Of Choice

TWD – Texting While Driving

GYPO- Get your pants off

KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless

Photo credit: www. lifehacker. com
Teenagers on the field chatting with each other.

Parents need to get acquainted with the languages used by their wards/children, in order to be able to succeed at parenting. It will be of benefits to us as a parents to monitor our  teens’s conversations with his/her peers (friends).


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