Best Pregnancy Announcements

Baby shoes for the win

Life of the Rodimels

Is there anything cuter than a tiny pair of baby shoes? Likely there is not. It’s the reason why pregnancy announcements that include a pair of itty bitty shoes are so popular. When placed next to mom and dad’s shoes, the message is clear almost instantly. If you already know the sex of the baby, try a pink or blue shoe to let people know.

Pet paws and little feet

Modern Farm Wife

Ok, we said we weren’t sure what was cuter than baby shoes but now we know: baby shoes and dog paws. Dogs are an important part of the family, although they are not a human child, many couples take on a pet before they take the plunge into having children. Because the furry friends we love so dearly are family, shouldn’t they get to be in the pic too? After all, they are gaining a sibling and playmate! The contrast of paws and baby shoes is just too cute to handle.