Best Pregnancy Announcements 2018-2019

Like gender reveals and birth announcements, creative pregnancy announcements are all the rage. Some couples go super creative with their message to loved ones, while others rely on the classics. From a bun in the oven to a stegosaurus, these are some of our favorite ways to let your loved ones know your good news.

Bun in the oven


We love the classic “bun in the oven” reference when announcing a pregnancy to friends and loved ones. The phrase has been used for years, and everyone knows what it means! We’ve seen couples surprise grandparents by putting an actual bun in the oven and asking them to open it, while others take a more creative approach with making a tiny oven themselves and giving it out at a party or in the mail.

Recipe for baby


Perhaps the cutest “bun in the oven” interpretation we have seen is a big sibling using a “recipe for baby.” That means the entire family can be involved in the “creation” of the baby, and watch as it grows. The sweet metaphor is here to stay, and we love watching couple’s creative interpretations on using the phrase to share their great news.