The Songs Quiz: The Inspirations Behind the Greatest Hits

Did you ever wonder how the greatest artists come up with their best, most touching songs? Most of them are based on real life experiences or people that affected them in one way or another. Sometimes, it might even be their pet. While some songs were born out of separation and others out of love, one thing is certain – all the classic songs that we grew up on have something in common: they have incredibly interesting stories of inspiration behind them. Was The Eagles’ hit “Hotel California” inspired by an actual hotel in California? Who was the muse behind the romantic lyrics of Guns and Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine”? And who was the lucky girl Cat Stevens dedicated his song “Wild World” to? Some of the answers to these questions are more curious than others.

First Question

Who is the mysterious Suzanne Leonard Cohen sings about?



The artist’s famous song “Suzanne” began as a poem, inspired by his platonic relationship with Suzanne Verdal. The song portrays their friendship and the rituals they enjoyed together: Suzanne would invite Cohen to her place “near the water” and serve him tea. According to the artist, nothing ever occurred between the two except a purely platonic friendship.