The Academy Awards Quiz

The Academy Awards, commonly referred to as The Oscars, is a film tradition unlike any other, rewarding the worlds best actors, actresses, and hardest workers in the industry. In addition to making statements regarding who are the best actors or directors in the world, The Oscars has created unforgettable moments that have been looked back on throughout its history. From deciding who in the industry is elite, to making bold statements on the red carpet, The Oscars never fails to provide lasting memories.

The memories that the Academy Awards has created over the years only increases, with new actors and directors being rewarded for their hard work every year, which means that as the years go on, there will be more knowledge of movies and Hollywood to come. If you believe that you are a huge fan of cinema and its history, take this quiz and test your knowledge on the history of The Oscars to see if you truly are the biggest fan of cinema!

First Question

Who has won the most Oscars of all time?



Walt Disney holds the record for most Academy Award wins of all time, taking home 22 Oscars for his animation empire. Dennis Muren, a visual effects supervisor, won nine Academy Awards over his career in Hollywood.