Are You The Ultimate Major Four American Sports Fan?

Americans take their sports very seriously. From jumping off of cars onto tables at tailgates, to creating earthquakes through noise, the American fan is known to be very passionate, no matter the sport. America is known for its proficiency in its four major sports, baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. These four major sports leagues has been active in America for over a century, creating a tight bond between the citizens of America and each individual sport. As time goes on, each leagues history only continues to get richer.

Do you believe that you have the greatest knowledge of the history of the rich tradition that is American sports? Take this quiz and see for yourself just how American you are?

First Question

Which NBA franchise has won the most championships in league history?



The Boston Celtics won eleven championships in the 50’s, and 60’s. They went on to win another two in the 70’s, another three in the 80’s, and one in 2008. Their 17 championships are the most by any NBA franchise, having just one more than the Los Angeles Lakers. Although the Celtics have won more championships, the Lakers own more Larry O’Brien trophies. This trophy is rewarded to the NBA champions, but was renamed the Larry O’Brien trophy back in 1984.