See If You’re The Ultimate Game of Thrones Fan!

Game of Thrones is a show that took the world by storm back in 2011. With improvements from season to season, the show quickly became one of the most well known shows in the world, becoming more of an obsession to many. Their are many reasons that Game of Thrones is such a special show, including the CGI, acting, and production sets, which wowed audiences throughout the shows history, but the one thing that makes Game of Thrones what it is, is its story-line.

Game of Thrones’ story-line is all over the place, going all across the world, keeping up with many different characters. The wide range of characters and story-lines makes it difficult to remember many details, or events that occur throughout the show. This is the ultimate quiz where you can see if you are truly the biggest Game of Thrones fan there is.

First Question

What is the name of Arya’s sword?



Needle was given to Arya Stark by Jon Snow in season 1. Jon received the sword from Mikken, the blacksmith of Winterfell, and the sword is light, which is well suited for Arya’s smaller build. Arya has her sword throughout the show, from training with Syrio Forel in season 1, to killing the Knight King in season 8, needle manages to stay by Arya’s side throughout the show’s history.