Nigerian Politicians Breath In PDP And Breath Out APC -- Ben Bruce

Ben Murray Bruce

Ben Murray Bruce, the senator-elect has been telling Nigeria what government need to do to change the nation and how Government should be run. Please read some of his tweets below and tell us what you think:-

It's unacceptable for a Gov who inherited a surplus from his predecessor to leave debt for the incoming Gov and still want pension for life.

When we want to send athletes to Olympics we send our best not minding their ethnicity. Yet we consider ethnicity in choosing leaders! Duh!!

Rich politicians get free pilgrimage, free medical, free police escort, while those they represent get.....nothing!!! #Nigeriamustchange.

Why for instance does Nigeria spend tens of billion sponsoring her rich elite to go on pilgrimage. Why can't they pay out of their pocket?

Political parties aren't your agent of change. These guys breath in PDP and breath out APC. NASS must Remove Immunity Clause for real change.

As I flew from Abuja Airport, I wanted to weep at the sheer number of parked Private Jets. Extreme wealth coexisting with extreme poverty!

The hottest place in hell should be reserved for Governors who live large at public expense while workers with children have not been paid!

Let us settle this matter once and for all by agreeing that any budget where recurrent is more than capital expenditure WILL NOT be passed!

Nigerians are tired of politicians that deliver activity but get paid as if they deliver results. Politics isnt a business. Its a sacrifice.

As far as I'm concerned, until all state workers are paid their salary, no gov, no commissioner, no SA should collect salary or allowance!

When I see anger in youths on Twitter, I'm inspired to make a change at the Senate. Don't stop being angry until you see results you want!

Party politics is money politics. I assure Nigerians I'll fight for the right of Independent Candidates to run for office in all elections.

I'm not going to the senate to make money. I have much more than I need. I'm going there to serve God by fighting for the good of Nigerians!

A Gov who can't pay salaries has no moral right to a huge convoy or to guest houses or to a private jet. Your workers must be your priority!

If we want EFCC to work, the President must be stripped of power to appoint EFCC boss. EFCC Chair should be appointed by the Chief Justice.

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