Buhari urged to clear the air concerning his health issues

The health status of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has been a disturbing issues both within his party and the opposition party, PDP; and in fact, to Nigeria in general.

Gen. Buhari was therefore, called on by the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP presidential Campaign candidate, Chief Femi-Kayode, on a news conference in Abuja on Sunday to clear the air on issues surrounding his health.

Kayode said the request was a standard practice not only in Nigeria, but across the world. He however made it clear that the PDP is not in any way antagonizing Buhari by it.

The health issues which has been under discussions for some time now, needs clarification.

"We are not impressed by the fact that his campaign organization and his party have tried to speak for him on this matter.

"We would prefer that Gen. Buhari himself clears the air and tells Nigerians himself that he is not mortally ill.

"The rumor that he is suffering from prostate cancer is exceptionally worrying and it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to pray for him if this rumor is true," he said.

He said that it was vital that a full disclosure of the state of Buhari`s health was made known to the people, especially in the face of the country`s recent history.

Fani-Kayode said that Nigerians deserved to know the truth before they would make their choice about who they wanted to vote for as their President, come February. 14.

He said that the days of hiding things like a presidential candidate`s health status from the Nigerian public was long over, and therefore urged Gen. Buhari to acknowledge this fact.

"In this day and age, nothing ought to be swept under the carpet. We are therefore constrained to urge him to prove to Nigerians that he is really as fit as a fiddle by taking a brisk walk," he said.

Fani-Kayode said Buhari could do this by jogging around the perimeter of the stadium before any of his rallies.

He said this would go a long way in allaying the fears of many Nigerians and prove that the APC presidential candidate was fit, contrary to speculations about his health.

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