Ten Types of Youths That Attend Cross over Service

Excitement of New year eve has always been a day to look forward to, especially for the youths. It is a day we make resolutions, a day we promise to change to the better, and so on and on.

Youth of this day are rather known to be un-serious when it's come to a sensitive issues like worshiping GOD the creator of our life. Yet, youth of this 21st century go to church with different mindsets.  While some attend churches to show off, others do so as a mere formality or to fulfill obligations.

1. The ones who can't remember when last they attended church service or have never attended church since the beginning of the year but will attend the cross over service

2. The ones who will keep going in and out of the church for no reason.

3. The ones who will go to church just to woo ladies. They will go into the church auditorium, check if pretty ladies are present and will start strategizing on how to strike up a convo immediately after the service

4. The ones who will go for Cross over service and start blowing knockouts outside the auditorium

5. The ones who will go and make their supplication to God. You will see them praying and sweating profusely as if that is their last day on earth

6. The ones who will keep receiving calls and typing new year messages as if their lives depend on it

7. The ones who will attend the cross-over service for no reason. During prayers, they will not pray, during praise and worship, you will never see them dance.

8. The ones who will keep checking their wrist watches as if they want to add more time to their life span. They are more concerned about the time, therefore, they pay little or no attention to the short sermon

9. The ones who would run out of the church the moment it is 12am on the dot. They will not even return to share the grace

10. The ones who will keep disturbing you about the time. ** is it 12 O'clock yet ?**

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