Stand firm and remain focused! Cleric tells Jonathan.

The man who warned MKO Abiola not to vie for presidency then, and also predicted former President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death six days after his swearing-in, has also urged President Goodluck Jonathan to be cautious and work in the ways of God.

The General-Overseer of Elyon International All Christian Praying Ministry, Apostle Babatunde Oyidi, added that the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram will soon be released.

The seer said that the country would be out of its present security challenges if the President listened to good advice, adding that Jonathan was not the political messiah of the country but only a forerunner to the president who would salvage the nation by initiating workable policies and programmes.

He strongly advised the  President to stand firm and focused and not to be afraid, pointing further that “he should not allow the so-called godfathers of the present system to mislead him”.

He also urged the number one cictizen of the country  to always abide by the injunctions of God The Most High in whatever he did while ruling the country, noting that whatever the president does now, he would be held accountable for them.

“The Lord God Almighty has revealed that President Jonathan has surrounded himself with enemies in the form of friends. He must, therefore, be careful of his aides.

“Once more, the president must check and cross-check all those who hang around him because there is a leakage within the ranks,” he said.

The president certainly has much to look into in the words of the cleric.


One thought on “Stand firm and remain focused! Cleric tells Jonathan.

  1. am not good at believing all the sooth seers saying but of he truly predicted the former then Jonathan should atleast apply some caution to what he had said, they say to before warned is to before armed….

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