The real Buhari everyone need to know – Obasanjo

“Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is an upright man. Not many people know that his first daughter is married
to an Igbo man from Anambra. He exempted Christians from performing duty on Sundays.

When his Muslim soldiers asked him to exempt them from duty on Friday, he told them the bible says Christians should rest on the 7th day, the Muslims should show him where the Koran says they should rest on Fridays.” – OBASANJO


As Head of State he slashed the number of Muslim going on pilgrimage by 50%. His driver and cook for the past 10 years plus are Christians yet some uninformed Nigerians say he is a bigot. It is a pity that some people failed to understand that PDP deliberately capitalised on the gullibility of Nigerians to paint him black. This they did in order to keep their loot and ensure that he never gets the opportunity to send them to goal.

How many Nigerians would hold the appointment of government, minister of petroleum, PTF chairman and head of state yet don’t own a house in Abuja? He has only one house and never kept a foreign account.Love him, hate him you cannot take his integrity away from him.”



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