Prof. Wole Soyinka clears Goodluck for President in 2015

It looks like this is some kinds of the dividends of democracy, at least you have the freedom to say whatever your choice is.

Prof. Wole Soyinka is here again! Ask him what he think about Goodluck Jonathan retaining his seat in ASO rock, and you would be surprised to hear him paint Jonathan in the way you never think is possible.

“Even though I have said it time and time again that the president should control his wife but there is something significant about Mr. President.

He is the first president without any ties to the military mafia. All his children are in schools here in Nigeria. You cannot come across a skyscraper in any corner of Nigeria and people will tell you it belongs to him; even a seven storey building.

I strongly believe that GEJ is a phenomenal change from before and if we cannot find a better, young alternative, then we must remain with him until we can groom someone better.

This is no time to go back to the military mafia and go back to our vomit”

In essence, he is repeating the popular adage that the “Devil you know is better than an Angel you know nothing about”

The year 2015 is less than a month to go and the presidential election is just around the corner, Like every other elections, it has to be contested and there must be winners and losers.


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