Is Obasanjo a god? Asked online commenter

Baba Bee — My advice here is that we shouldn’t write out of mischief or misinformation. We were all witnesses to the so called $16b electricity gate where the then minister of finance who incidentally is still serving today came before the senate to say she only disbursed $9b out of which 80% of that went into turbines that were indeed imported and left to rot in the port by the Yaradua/Jonathan regime just so that Obasanjo does not get the credit for fixing the light.

We were also witnesses to the confession of the consultant who was engaged to investigate this same $16b electricity fund who said he was induced to discredit Obasanjo in that report.

Now my brother I will throw a question to you that I have always thrown to people and yet to get no response and the question is “is Obasanjo God”? Now if indeed Obasanjo is as corrupt as some of u want to make us believe how come none of them have found any reason to embarrass him or throw him in jail as you all clamour for because under the same Obasanjo’s regime we witnessed how his vice president, 5 sitting senate presidents, a sitting IG of police and serving governors amongst other PDP dignitaries were disgraced on the grounds of corruption.

I also recall the same Obasanjo addressing the senate some time during his tenure and he mentioned that he was very much aware that one of the senators sitting before him had paid $150,000 to an Israeli forensic accounting firm to investigate to see where he had hidden money and that the senator should have come to give him that money and he would gladly have shown him all he wanted to see.

In conclusion, Obasanjo must indeed be God for him to embarrass so many powerful men and yet none of them have been able to do same to him even when they have means to do so.I rest my case


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