No, Obasanjo is not a god, he is a devil

After publishing a comment “Is Obasanjo a god?” by Baba Bee who argue in favor of former President of Nigeri, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, another Commentator, Abraham Lee raised yet a further damning accusation against our former President. Read the comment and form your own conclusion.

— While I may not agree with everything you said, the truth remains that those insulting you for being so frank must surely be lunatics. I saw the way they insulted and i concluded that, the youths of Nigeria have clearly lost it. Most of our youths live in darkness while pretending to know something.

I agree with most of the things you said about OBJ because I was once his staff and actually managed one of his foreign companies. What most of the dull headed youths do not know is that, OBJ actually had hands in the creation of both the Boko Haram sect and the Niger Delta arms struggle. OBJ is one of the most vicious human beings living under the sun and a very dark hearted creature.

Most of you do not even know that in his bid to contest the third term election, his own wife (Stella) was killed (though you all were told she died from medical complications – but from a doctor who has never had any failure in his career and when the King of Spain ask to investigate the incident, OBJ out-rightly told him to forget it.

The same OBJ took over US$18 billion from our foreign reserve in New York, and when the guys at the World Bank raised an alarm as to the huge withdrawal, NOI was totally ignorant of it, even as the then minister of Finance.

OBJ gave every member of the Nigerian congress the sum of US$10 million each for them to change the constitution so as to allow him for the third term, but they took the money and failed him. OBJ who is talking about corruption today warded the contract for the reconstruction of the Benin-Ore road four good times to his friend Chief Tony Anenih (another parasite and very vicious Nigerian who deserves to be slaughtered like the late Samuel Doe).

Chief Anenih was paid for the job four good times and he never carry out the contract; but he is one of the most influential PDP members today – all because no one can easily touch him since he is the highest ARMOC (Rosicrucian) in Nigeria.


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