Keshi should have resigned earlier and leave a better record

For Joe Erico, a veteran football coach, it would have been a wise thing for Stephen Keshi to have resigned honorably at the end of AFCON championship, and save himself all the later embarrassments.

He said that all what Keshi is facing presently, is his own making, adding that he should have candidly resigned his position as the Super Eagle’ Head Coach when his triumph with the team was still fresh.

In a tournament that brought back Nigeria’s pride in African football after 19 long years of waiting to emerge as the AFCON champion.

Erico, in his opinion, said he would have resigned if he were to be in the ‘Big boss’s shoes as it is advisable to leave when the ovation is high.

β€œ Keshi has stayed too late as far as I am concerned, I was asked this question sometimes ago, that if it was to be Erico ? And I answered that I would have left immediately after the Nations Cup, probably I will extend it to the World Cup, but at the end of the World Cup I would have left. I told Keshi to leave at that time because you have to leave when the ovation is high.”
When Erico was reminded during the interview that Coach Keshi was not sticking around on his own, but had the Presidential call and backing, Eriko responded that: β€œThe President is a human being, He will leave there one day, He is serving, Keshi is also serving. If you are satisfied you stay, if you are not satisfied you leave. Keshi has done very very well, He should just leave the stage now as far as I am concerned,” Erico said.

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