Accident, can you control it?

Call it bad road, call it reckless driving, call it over-loading, or any other adjectives you may qualify it with, all of them equals one thing… Accident!

According to an online dictionary, it is defined as:

1. An unexpected event with negative consequences occurring without the intention of the one suffering the consequences.

2. Any chance event.

3. (Uncountable) chance.

4. (Transport) An unintended event such as a collision that causes damage or death.

The list goes on and on, and I believe that it is self explanatory. We have been hearing it and a great number of us had experienced it.

Even if you, the one reading this have had it,  I know for sure that it wasn’t a good experience at all despite the fact that you survived it. In fact, it is better not to experience it all.


” Out of them all, none is ever termed a good accident whether minor or fatal, some loss are usually incurred”.  Who wants to get involved in an accident? certainly none.

So you the driver, the passenger, pedestrian, and everyone alive. Accidents knows no body, whether big or small, educated or an illiterate.

The watchword should be CAREFUL and not just an inscription on the body of the vehicle.

Don’t let the efforts of the FRSC be in vain in your case or that of others in your care. Say No! to accident and observe all the safety rules on the road and in your vehicle.

The Road Safety Corps are there to assist you for your own good and happiness. Co-operate with them and say no to Ember months tragedies and  beyond.

Do not look at them as enemies on the highways because they are always there for we, the road users, except if you think otherwise based on your personal opinion. If not, consider them friends and safety reminders.

Do away with some crappy reasoning, thinking of having been a driver for a XYZ years. For it is actually the expert drivers who make the mistakes that result in accidents and not the learners who are always damn serious following the instructions they are given.


3 thoughts on “Accident, can you control it?

  1. I appreciate it all. we don’t pray for it, besides it’s not just for drivers only but everyone of us, bearing in mind that in one way or the other, we can act to prevent accident especially in this guilty periods we are. The all in all EMBER months.

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