Zambian President to be discharged from hospital today sat. 14, 2015

The Zambian President Edgar Lungu, is expected to be discharged from hospital today Saturday after a successful procedure to correct the narrowing of his oesophagus at a Pretoria hospital.

The President’s medical team said Edgar Lungu, had undergone a medical procedure in Pretoria hospital theatre on Friday and the specialists have managed the condition efficiently well.

Doctors said President Lungu will be discharged from hospital because the results of the procedure were good and without complications. But he will be required to report to the hospital for checkups in a few weeks’ time.

The Zambian leader was flown to Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg South Africa last Tuesday for further medical attention after he collapsed during a state function in Lusaka. He was later moved to a Pretoria hospital for surgery and expert attention.

He was initially diagnosed with malaria infection but doctors at the Military hospital in Lusaka soon discovered that his food pipe had narrowed down, and advised the President to seek further medical attention abroad.

President Lungu suffers from hypotension, a situation which robs his body of necessary sugar as a result of the narrowing of his oesophagus.

A Presidential spokesman Amos Chanda told journalists that President Lungu had suffered and treated the health problem 30 years ago but it may have reoccurred with time.

The Zambian medical team thanked their South African counterparts for the expert support rendered to President Edgar Lungu who will be returning to Lusaka almost immediately.


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