A woman dies in her lover’s apartment in Badagry

A woman known as Bonu Fiaret dies in her lover’s apartment on January 2 in Salu area of Badagry in Lagos State.

According to her lover Akodogbo, Bonu, a staff of Badagry General Hospital was hypertensive before the ugly incident and that they’ve been lovers for two years but separated for some months due to her health issue, but reunited when they met each other at the Badagry community carnival.

After the carnival the the woman followed her lover Akodogbo to his apartment where they both spent the night together. The next day Akodogbo discovered that his lover is no longer breathing.

The family of the woman are accusing Akodogbo of killing her, however State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Yaba, Lagos are investigating the case.


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