Win a brand new Hyundai Sonata


With Constative, everyone is a Journalist. Inline with our objective to provide timely eyewitness reports to Nigerians, we are hereby introducing this exciting competition where you will have the brightest of chance to win a Brand New Hyundai Sonata. Do you have what it takes to report a news? Can you tell the story as it happened in error free English? If yes, this opportunity is for you.

This competition is for selected candidates who have what it takes to keep the world in the know. Such person must be smart, dynamic, and good with spoken and written English. He or she must have strong awareness of his/her community and possess the ability to network and synergize for effective information dissemination.

A participant must have a laptop, pad, or at least a smart phone with internet access. Must be ready and willing to come to Lagos for a one day training. The task is very simple! It’s what you can do even without any material reward.

Things happen on daily basis that are not reported. Huge number of atrocities and injustices happen everyday and they are swept under the carpets. This is the opportunity for you to report it, put the world in the know and get rewarded for it.

Report minimum of one news worthy event everyday for a period of twelve months and you could be the proud owner of a brand new car! We will train you on how to do it effectively without devoting much time to it nor affecting your current job.

Everyday, we will choose three best news from our eyewitness reporters in the order of first, second, and third. If at the end of the twelve month window you are the over all winner, you will drive home with the brand new Hyundai car.

Remember that Constative is giving out these prices only to those who have what it takes to keep the world in the know. More exciting details will be provided during the training.

First price: Hyundai Sonata!

Second price: N1.5 million!

Third price: N1. million!

The rest of the participant gets N100,000 each and lucrative employment opportunity with PALNESS at the end of the competition. So, every participant is a winner!

How to enter into the competition

1. Send your name and location to us on Constative Facebook page

2. File exclusive news on: report. If it gets published, you are qualified.

3. Once your first news is published, you will receive invitation for a one day training from us.

The task required is simple – keep open eyes to everything happening within your locality, pick those that are news worthy and report it on – minimum of just one everyday. The person with the most authentic news clinches the first price.

How it works

The news could be anything news worthy. It could be as simple as people fighting on the street – to as complex as investigations. Anything you can lay your hands on. Things you see on your way to work, in your offices, in the market and within your neighborhood.

The competition will run for twelve months, starting December, 15 2014, to December, 15 2015, after which every participant will have the chance for a mouth watering employment at Palness Media Ltd.


For any questions, suggestions and recommendations – drop it in the comment . We look forward to handing the key of the brand new Hyundai Sonata to you. Thank you!


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