Who Is The Owner Of Naij.com? (The Content Piracy Website)

Who really is the owner of Naij.com and what exactly are they up to? From the information I gleaned online, the owner of Naij.com is a Belarus man called Vital Laptenok who lives in Minsk, Belarus and has worked with TUT.BY, a Belarus base news and content website. When I visited his Facebook page, I was hoping to meet it painted with all green and white, judging from the way he decorates Naij.com with green white green. But I was wrong! Nothing on his page that depicts anything Nigeria in any way, then I realize he is just like a prostitute who sleeps with men she hates because of money.

Why is the ownership of a website as big as Naij.com shrouded in secrecy from day one? Because the owners knew exactly what they were up to from the beginning. That site was built on stolen content and has continued to thrive on stolen content, tiptoeing into people’s website to steal content at will without shame or remorse. They steal from big and small websites in Nigeria.

Vital Laptenok, The Belarus Man Whom We Believe Is The Founder And Owner of Naij.com | Photo credit: Vital_Laptenok
Vital Laptenok, the Belarus man whom we believe is the founder and owner of Naij.com | Photo credit: Vital_Laptenok ©Facebook

How did a site that specializes in content piracy made it to the very top in Nigeria news market? Well, that’s what happens in a society where the majority of its citizen don’t know how to distinguish right from wrong, a society where mediocrity is celebrated, a society where everything goes and no one dare to ask questions.


Naij.com And It’s Many Crimes

Last year (2014) DailyPost of Nigeria made an effort to take Naij.com to court over what they called “brazen stealing of its content by naij.com”. DailyPost in a press release affirmed that it was a sad development that a news website like Naij.com, that is supposed to know the legal implication of content piracy and plagiarism, to continue to lift its material word for word without any authorization nor due credit.

According to DailyPost, the only additional work noticed in the copied version of several of its original stories uncovered on Naij.com was the removal of DailyPost from the text. A search on naij.com showed that more than 80 news items were copied over the last few weeks.

In 2013, Naij.com was accused of engaging in the DNS poisoning of some ISPs such as Etisalat which ultimately redirect traffic from popular sites (Nairaland.com and Google.com.ng) to my.naij.com. How this was sorted out and who really was behind it remain a mystery but the truth is that Naij,com’s name was found in there.

Early this year, we spent weeks working on a single article, the richest musicians in Nigeria. Just a moment after the article was published, Naij shamelessly joined the bandwagon of copycats and tiptoed in here while we were asleep at night and lifted the content in the most debasing manner – word for word and published on their website.

Twice we contacted them through their official email ([email protected]j.com) requesting for the article to be removed or at least give us due credit, and twice we got zero response. Finally, we had to resort to Google DMCA¬† to get the article removed from Google search. For a big website to act in this manner is rather unforgivable.

Earning Millions From Other People’s Work

This website is probably one of the highest earning websites in Nigeria right now, shoulder to shoulder with Linda Ikeji or even more. Yet, they could not spend to create content. Imagine Constative.com spending a fortune from our meager earnings to create value, responsible content only for irresponsible content piracy website like Naij to lift it overnight and be earning millions with it.

As if that was not enough, they go ahead and be spamming our comment sections with the purpose of link back building. Who builds link back from comment, except spammers? For a site that earns over N20million per month to be spamming an upcoming news website is just unbecoming, debasing, and classless.

Last time, they contacted me to publish a sponsored post on WealthResult.com for the purpose of getting a link back to Jiji which is one of their websites. I demanded for N50, 000, after beating about the bush, I asked them to pay just N25, 000 since the article will be adding value to us too, they disappeared for months without any reply only to surface again and made the same request, but this time, without asking how much I am willing to take, they offered to pay me N4, 000 and told me “that is ok for me”.

So, Naij not only steal from us, they also think they have the right to determine how much we can charge for promotion and advertisement. Only God knows how they are treating their Nigerian staffs who work day and night to lift other people’s content for them. But one thing I want to tell Naij and other companies operating in Nigeria who thinks this nation is a free for all, who thinks they can do all things and get away with it. I want to tell you that you lied, your battle is about to begin!


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  1. Obviously you are one of the Naij copy and paste warriors. It’s quite expected and surely you didn’t disappoint

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