Two Nigerians caught dealing on drugs and Facebook scams [Video]

This happened in Thailand some days ago and these two Nigerians are seen in the video being interrogated. They have been in the business of crime for a long time as you can see from their statement. According to the interrogator, they have been in prison before for drug offenses, yet they couldn't learn.

Read below the text that accompanied the video and scroll down to watch the video--

Sometimes when no victims respond well to the chats and emails the Yahoo Boys need to sell some Ice so they can buy a little Thai girl or if the budget is low then flirting with a fat one. Here the Ice boys are being monitored for a long time and Prince Stev is caught red-handed on the 3rd floor of his deluxe condo, thinking swiftly he decides to trade in a bigger dealer Prince Emeka who was in the top floor penthouse.

At first Prince Stev was worried about exposing his big boss Prince Emeka but he needed a little mercy and he could always tell his brother Emeka that he feared for his life and as sharing in profits should also share in losses and so that no one is left lonely. Prince Stev is very lucky that Prince Emeka appears to be very forgiving and that destiny has it that they must be cellmates.

Prince Emeka claimed that he owned a shop in the Pastor Papa Philip church and both Prince Emeka and Prince Stev lived in the same condo a few minutes walk from the church near a meth amphetamine drop off point operated by the Princes' team of Thai street girls.

Note that normally I just upload a couple of short cuts and this video is like movie length for me at 9 minutes simply because so many subscribers have being asking to see longer cuts, the problem with longer cuts is that they often get ripped off by African broadcasters without giving any credit to me.

I know many victims want to see the faces of the princes close up and feel happy to see that he has been caught. Nigeria has high class princes that do only pure 419 and low class 419ers like these guys that like to hustle some ice and sell some bitches in between trying to scam bitches on Facebook.

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