Two children buried alive in snow for hours survived

Amazing! that was the best language that could be used for the children who were buried alive for hours in the snow before they were rescued and rushed to the hospital.

The two boys, Elijah Martinez, 11, and Jason Rivera, 9, spent several hours in the snow while struggling to stay alive in the cold.

As the two children played freely outside of their homes in Newburgh, New YORK, a street plough unwittingly covered them up by the road side.

Lucky was an understatement as how they were able to hold on until help eventually arrived.

Hear them, as they relate their experiences:

We tried to motivate each other to stay alive and not just to go sleep and die” Elijah said from the hospital.

“When I was there I felt like i was going to die. I felt like instead of suffering, being cold and just letting go, but Jason was doing all the little he could to help me stay alive.”

The children were building a fort there when a plough drove past and and collapsed the masnow2ke shift snow structure.

Thanks to their survival in parts to a small air pocket they had as they also kept each other talking while sharing a face mask to keep their hands warm.

Their survival was a sort of miracle. A police officer helping in the search spotted a partially buried shovel in a big mound of snow, started digging and soon hit Jason’s shoe and called on for other volunteers for help. The kids were freed and rushed to the hospital, were doctors said they were amazed at the rate of their recovery.

Expressing their gratitude to the officer who found them, Elijah said “I want him to be proud for what he did. I want him to have a good Thanksgiving, because he’s a hero,”


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