Indian minister spent the night in a graveyard

What a comfortable place to spend the night! To create awareness against superstitions, Karnataka Excise Minister, Satish Jarkiholi, along with hundreds of people spent a night at a crematorium in Belagavi, Karnataka.

Mr Jarkiholi spent the night at Vaikunth Dham, a burial ground which is now a crematorium, to also observe the death anniversary of BR Ambedkar yesterday.

Mr Jarkiholi and hundred others had their dinner at the crematorium belonging to Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) as part of an exercise to eradicate superstition

Mr Jarkiholi, who was one among the vociferous voices for bringing in the anti-superstition bill in the state assembly, said he chose to spend the night at the crematorium to bust the myth that such places are abode of ghosts.

“By spending the night in the crematorium – firstly, I want to bust the myth that graveyards are places where ghosts reside and secondly, I want to clear the tag of fear attached to it. Graveyards are holy places, in fact,” he said.

He said he would go about his mission against superstitions even if he loses power.

Mr Jarkiholi said unless people do not fight the superstitious mindset, people belonging to lower castes and other backward classes would not get justice.

He said Bill Gates is one of the richest persons in the world despite the fact that he does not worship Goddess Laxmi.

“Bill Gates does not worship Goddess Laxmi and yet he is one of the richest persons in the world. Even I do not worship Laxmi and yet do a turnover of over Rs. 600 crore business per annum,” he said.

Being the oldest crematorium located at Sadashiv Nagar, the burial ground has 24 cremation platforms, including an electric one.


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