Let’s embrace up for growths and stop behaving like touts, Goodluck Jonathan urges politicians

Let us stop all these accusations and finger pointing because those are things commonly seen at some motor parks-those are tout behaviors and we should not be like them because we are not touts.

The words of president Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday while speaking at the official presentation of the Kukah Centre in Abuja. He urged fellow politicians to see the 2015 elections as another opportunity for them to renew their commitment to deepening the nation’s democracy and strengthening its bond of unity.

“I think we are over defining our democracy today by quarreling as if democracy is about competitors quarreling just like motor park workers,” he said.

The president went ahead  ‘‘Democracy is not just about political parties and politicians alone, it is not just about winning or losing elections, it is about freedom, about development and above all, a forward match of our civilization and encouragement of creativity. It is in this regard that we must seek to identify and support the growth of structures and institutions that will help strengthen our democracy to meet our aspirations as a people.”

The president described Bishop Kukah, as a great man, with a great vision, with great commitment to do his best for the people of his country, saying his center was to add more building blocks to the growth and development of democracy.

Jonathan said: “We have gathered here to add more building blocks to the growth and development of democracy. Since our nation returned to democracy, this is the longest stretch of uninterrupted civilian rule that we have had in our dear country.

“Our long journey has been challenging, we have also shown resilience and commitment in walking the path of democratic consolidation. For this, I thank the people of Nigeria for their support and steadfastness. This country is ours to build and we must remain committed to this enterprise.

“As elections draw close, I call on all politicians to see this as another opportunity for us to renew our commitment to deepening our democracy and strengthening our bond of unity.

The president said he was happy with the mission of the Kukah centre, noting that he was quite pleased with the mission statement which sought to, among other objectives, “conceptualize, design, clarify and articulate proactive mechanism that will increase policy proficiency, effectiveness and the attainment of the common good.”

Look at other countries in the world and you are bound to see many things in the ways of developments and industrial and human resources, these however, we need to remind ourselves that they did not come about by chance nor by fighting themselves.

He further observed that  the world’s most advanced countries did not get to their current position by accidents but through carefully-developed policies which were tested over time among the leadership infused with clarity of vision and the tenacity of purpose.

According to him, “Today, governance has become a science with clearly-developed tools to measure the impact of the policies on the people.

“As our young democracy grapples with numerous development challenges, Nigeria’s political class can further draw inspiration from the Kukah’s Centre vision statement, and I quote, “To aspire towards the attainment of a more humane, democratic and free society where citizens can live in real and true freedom, unencumbered by any structures of exclusion on the basis of ethnic, religious, social status, economic or gender differences.

“I believe that our democracy should be strengthened by robust debates, generation of innovative ideas and development, patriotism and progress in our country. I, therefore, call on everyone, the political class, our ordinary citizens but even more importantly, the academic community to rise up to these challenges posed by this initiative,” he stated.

In his remark, former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, who was the chairman on the occasion, observed that all was not well with Nigeria, noting the war being waged by Boko Haram and their sponsors against the people and unity of the nation.

He explained that the center would serve as a platform for mentoring the society and sensitizing Nigerians on the need to be vigilant.


One thought on “Let’s embrace up for growths and stop behaving like touts, Goodluck Jonathan urges politicians

  1. You know nothing about democracy, i have never seen a democracy of govt sponsoring genocide against it’s citizens apart from that of jonathan’s type, people talk, grumble& quarrel not because they are touts but because of GEJ’s misrule, bad governance& romance with corrupt& evil people whom he fraternize with. He must wake& be proactive to secure our lives & properties then we’ll stop talking, It is a shame,if we are still divided along ethnicity or religion, the eastern region is only where GEJ has it supporters, anyway they are only supporting his mediocrity bcos he hail form that region and lastly All motor park touts in Nigeria should note this is an insult from Mr. President! If you vote him, na you sabi!.

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