Lagos state cancels Jan. 2015 sanitation, urged people to go for their PVCs

The monthly sanitation exercise scheduled to take place on Saturday, 31st Jan. 2015, has been cancelled. The government of Lagos state announced the cancellation of the exercise to enable people of the state to go for the collection of their PVCs.

The monthly environmental sanitation exercise normally entails restriction of movement of vehicles and residents for three hours, between 7 and 10am.

However, with the state yet to achieve up to 60 percent success in the collection of Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs), the government has decided to cancel the exercise to enable the people of the state to collect their PVCs from the various INEC offices.

This is in the effort to give a good number of eligible voters  to exercise their civic right in the general elections that starts with 14 February, presidential election together with other ensuing various elections to be followed.

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