Baby survives after being buried alive

To  many and likely so, this story could be said to be one of those fairy tales, but this “TALE”  from China is certainly one to get anyone that hears it to be dumbfounded. Please hold your breaths and maintain just enough calm till you are through with this wonderful but touchy story. A Chinese baby………..!

A Chinese newborn buried after her birth has managed to survive. This shocking story went viral this week. On Dec. 7, The Inquisitr shared this tiny infant’s story of survival after her mother thought she was born stillborn.

Lu Xiayun was farming in the fields outside her home when she felt pain in her abdomen. She unexpected gave birth not long after, and she thought that the infant did not survive. She thought she was only four months pregnant, so thought she had miscarried. She called her husband, and he returned home to find his wife in a pool of blood. He checked on their infant, and he thought she was dead.

At that time, he called the paramedics for his wife, but he told them that the baby was indeed dead. They took his wife to the hospital, and his wife’s mother stayed behind to do the sad task of burying the infant. She buried the tiny little girl in a shallow grave under a tree.

When Lu, and her husband, He Yong, arrived at the hospital, the doctors asked about the baby. Once again, the man tried to tell them that the baby had died, but the doctors insisted that the man bring the deceased infant to the hospital for a proper examination.

Yong returned home, and he discovered that his mother-in-law had already buried the infant. He went to the grave, and he dug up the baby’s body. However, he made a shocking discovery. The baby was not stillborn as he and his wife thought. The little infant was breathing. He rushed her back to the hospital, and doctors determined that Lu had been six months pregnant and not four.

There is more to this shocking story, and it does show the good side of people. After her arrival at the hospital, the baby was kept in an incubator for three days. However, doctors were forced to release the infant at that time because her parents did not have enough money to pay for continued treatment. Her father said the following, according to Mail Online:

“My mother-in-law has chronic diseases, and I also have a 7-year-old daughter. My wife doesn’t have a job. I am the only one who works.”

Once the media picked up this tiny infant’s story, donations began to arrive. The unnamed infant is now back in the hospital receiving treatment. This infant’s story, and the fact that she was initially released from the hospital, has shocked people around the world. One commenter to the Inquisitr report said the following about the infant’s survival:

“If that precious tiny being manages to survive all the horrific things that have happened to her i.e. very premature birth, being buried alive, being unburied and taken to the hospital; being sent home again because the parents ran out of money and then being returned to the hospital because people began to send money to help take care of her…all without any permanent mental or physical damage, she is truly a miracle baby and must have been sent to this troubled world of ours to do great things. What a strong will to survive she has!”

According to Christian Today, the infant was not buried due to the Chinese law that families are only allowed one infant. China has loosened up a bit with this law. If one or both of the parents have no siblings, they can have two children.

This is not the only story of a baby buried soon after birth recently, but an infant in Sydney was not found in time. According to The Huffington Post, an infant was found buried in the sand on a Sydney beach by two young boys. However, this was the second discovery of an infant in Sydney in November. A pair of cyclists heard the cries of an infant, and they found it at the bottom of a roadside drain. The infant survived five days in that location, according to police. The mother was charged with attempted murder.

As for the Chinese infant, she is now receiving treatment at the hospital. She is back inside an incubator. She is improving, and she is now being called a “miracle” baby. If she continues to improve, she will join her parents, older sister, and grandmother at home. What do you think of tiny Chinese newborn’s story of survival?


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