Top 10 Best International Airports In Africa


This is the continuation of our Top 20 Best International Airports In Africa. Having covered 20-11 in the previous post, here we bring to you the remaining top 10 International Airports in Africa.

10. Harare International Airport (Zimbabwe)

Harare International Airport is one of the best International Airports in Africa, situated  in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is the largest airport in the country and serves as the base of Air Zimbabwe. It was commissioned in 1956 and officially opened on 5 February 1957.

The airport’s runway, at 4,725 metres (15,502ft) is currently one of the largest in Africa. The airport is known with it’s special services and good security.

Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe.
Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe.

9. Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Egypt)

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, formerly known as Ophira International Airport, is an international airport located in 18km (11miles) northeast from the the city of Sharm El.Sheikh, Egypt. The airport has approximately 10 million passenger traffic yearly. It is the third busiest airport in Egypt Cairo International. The airport was opened May 14, 1968 as an Israel peace treaty and Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai peninsula it was reopened as a civilian airport.

Departure Hall at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
Departure Hall at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport Egypt.

The Sharm El-Sheikh airport dispatches regular flights to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, different cities of the Europe and the middle east.The infrastructure of the airport has improve the quality of services. The terminals meets the demands of numerous incoming and outgoing passengers. Various restaurants and cafes, currency exchange offices, telephones and post office, souvenir and essential commodities shops, cloakrooms and car-for-rent office are situated there.

8. East London Airport (Cape Town)

East London Airport is an airport serving East London, a city in Eastern cape province on the south coast of Africa. The airport is a small but bustling one that plays an important role in the growing economy of Eastern Cape town. Between 20 and 30 flights land at East London Airport each day with 346,000 people welcomed each year.

East London Airport
East London Airport

East London Airport resides at an elevator of 435 feet (133M) above mean sea level. It has two Asphalt paved runways:11/29 is 1,939 by 46 metres (6,362ftx151ft) and 06/24 is 1,585 by 46 metres (5,200 ft x151 ft).

7. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam international Airport (Mauritius)

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International also known as SSR Airport^ is the main international airport in Mauritius. It is located 26 nautical miles (48km) southeast of the capital city of Port Louis. The airport was formerly known as the Plaisance Airport, It was renamed in memory of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. The airport set to become a regional hub, has direct flights to several destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and is home to the country’s national airline Mauritius.

Mezzanine Leading To The Public Area Inside The Terminal At Sir Seewoosagur
Mezzanine Leading To The Public Area Inside The Terminal of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

The Airport Terminal Operation Ltd (ATOL) is responsible for the design, building and operation of the new passenger terminal which was inaugurated on 30 August 2013 and become fully operational in September 2013.  In 2014 SSR Airport was chosen by the Airport Council International as the best and most improved airport in Africa.

6. Cairo International Airport (Egypt)

This is one of the Africa’s busiest airport. It is the main airport hub for Egypt’s capital city. The airport is located to the northeast of the city around 15km (9.3mi) from the business area of the city and has an area of approximately 37 square kilometres (14 sq miles). It is the second busiest airport in Africa after OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. By 2009 Cairo Airport was able to serve about 14.4 million passengers, a sizeable percentage increase from the previous year. It also handled about 143,000 movements of aircraft in the same year, also a strategic increase from the previous year. The turnage of airfreight passing through the airport was about 275,000. Amidst this statistics, Cairo Airport still comes second in Africa in terms of busy airport activity.

External View of Terminal 1, Cairo International Airport.
External View of Terminal 1, Cairo International Airport.

The terminal facilities include departure Hall 1, International Hall 3, and  Hall 4 for private and non-commercial aircraft services. As part of the recent upgrading and facility improvement scheme, the CAA demolished the old hall3 previously used for domestic arrivals and departures, to reconstruct a new hall to be used for international arrivals. Terminal 1, is locally known as the “Old Airport”, Although its facilities were recently given a complete overhaul and are newer than those of Terminal 2, which is still known as the “New Airport”.

Cairo Airport has many facilities ranging from money to communication.

5. Addis  Ababa Bole International Airport (Ethiopian)

Addis Ababa Bole, formally known as Haile Selassie International airport is located in the Bole area, 6km (3.7mi) southeast of the  city centre and 65km (40mi) North of Debre Zeyit.

It is the main hub of Ethiopian Airlines, the national airline that serves destination in Ethiopian and through out the African continent, as well as nonstop service of Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The airport has two Terminals; Terminal one serves Domestic and regional flights for Ethiopian Airline, Egypt Air, Sudan Air ways and Yemenia. While Terminal two serves international flights and the rest of the airlines that serves the airport.

Inside Bole International Airport.
Inside Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Addis Ababa Bole International airport is a beautiful and modern airport with fantastic number of comfortable reclining sleeper chairs available for all departing passenger. Beyond that, free duty shopping, mediocre restaurants and internet cafe are being offered free by ADD.

4. Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport (Algeria)

This is an international airport serving Algiers the capital of Algeria.It is located 9.1NM (16.9KM;10.5mi) east south east of the city.The airport is named after Houari Boumediene, a former president of Algeria.

Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport (Algeria)
Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport (Algeria)

It has two terminals; The International terminal (Terminal 1) and the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 2). The international terminal present a capacity of 6 million passengers per year  and was inaugurated in 2006 while Terminal 2  has a capacity of 2.5 million passengers per year. Terminal1 offers comfort and security with enough staff and reasonable security precautions.

The airport is massive, very clean, organized and a fairly standard amenities like, restaurant, curio shops and a few lounges.

3. King Shaka International Airport (South Africa)

King Shaka International Airport is the primary airport serving Durban, South Africa. It is located in La Mercy, Kwazulu- Natal approximately 35km (22 miles) north of the city of Durban. It became operational on the 1st of May 2010, before the start of the FIFA World cup. The airport is named after King Shaka, the leader of the Zulu nation in the early 19th century.

King Shaka International Airport
King Shaka International Airport

The terminal is capable of handling 7.5 million passengers per year. Its 3.7 kilometer runway can accommodate the world’s largest aircraft, including the double-Decker Airbus A380, with provision for future construction of a second runway.

The South Africa Airport is clean, efficient and modern. the layout itself is spacious and airy  with good and  latest designed terminal, to make passengers movement from arrival to departure to be as smooth and pleasant as possible.

2. Cape Town International Airport (South Africa) 

Cape Town International Airport was opened in 1954 to replace cape town’s previous airport, Wingfield Aerodrome. It is the main stay of EgyptAir serving the city of cape town and is the second busiest airport in South Africa and third busiest in Africa. It is located approximately 20 kilometres (12mi) from the city centre.

Cape Town International Airport
Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town International airport has domestic and international terminals, linked by a common central terminal. The airport has a direct flights from South Africa’s other two main urban areas, Johannesburg and Durban, as well as flights to smaller centres in south Africa. Internationally it has direct flight to several destinations in Africa, Asia Europe. The air route between cape town and Johannesburg was the world’s ninth busiest air route in year 2011 with an estimated 4.5 million passengers.

Cape Town International airport is a clean, pleasant and modern airport which offers conveniences for Extended layover.

1. O.R. Tambo International Airport (South Africa)

This Airport is named after the Oliver Reginal Tambo, a leading anti-apartheid politician. The airport is the largest airport in South Africa. It is situated at Guateng about 23km (approximately) from Johannesburg. It is operated  by airports company south Africa (ACSA). The airport serves as the primary airport for domestic and international travel to/from South Africa and is Africa busiest airport with the capacity to handle up to 28million passengers annually serving all continent except Antarctica. The airport is located in the main commercial industrial hub of South Africa and has Excellent transport infrastructure. In 2014 the airport handled a total of 18 million passengers.

O.R. Tambo International Airport Johannessburg, South Africa
O.R. Tambo International Airport Johannessburg, South Africa

The airport consist of two main terminals A, B and a Central Terminal Building used as a transit between the two terminals. Terminal A handles all international operations Terminal B handles domestic operations. Apart from these terminals, the airport include a bi-level international pier which can accommodate A380 and includes lounges and duty free store. With the refurbishment for the 2010 FIFA world cup, O.R Tambo sits at the top of Africa’s Best Airport list.

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