Threat message lands two men in police net

Two young men has been arrested in Lagos for allegedly threatening the life of a man (name withheld).

Operatives of Lagos State Investigative Bureau, carried out the arrest of the two suspects, identified as Ayodele Omotayo aged 22, and Morris Kentible Bishop, 27. The accused were arrested after the victim reported that his life was in danger, having received strange calls and threat messages from unknown persons asking him not to venture out of his house.

The report prompted the police to embark on an investigation which led to the apprehension of the suspects. It was gathered that the victim even housed Ayodele, one of the suspects, a squash trainer at Country Club.

Trouble was said to have started when the suspect bashed one of the vehicles parked in the victim’s compound which made the benefactor to disengage Ayodele’s services and asked him to leave his house.

Our newsmen gathered that the suspects purportedly called the victim with a private number and there after sent him an sms that got him scared.

Confessing to the crime, Ayodele said: “I was aware of the threat message my friend sent to him; we did not actually plan to kill him.
“Trouble started when he began to make passes at my lover, Damilola, who I started dating in August 2013.
“He went as far as telling me that he likes my girl and would not mind if I would allow him date her.”


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