Thread with caution, Igbo group warns NASS over Jonathan.

It appears that the Igbos are now breaking their supposedly silent over the impeachment saga of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

An Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria (NCSN) has warned the National Assembly members threatening to impeach the president to take things easy.

NCSN warned NASS to thread with caution and not to destabilize the government but instead should look for ways to put an end to current situations in the country.

The Igbo socio-cultral organization, has warned all those strongly opposing ‘the Goodluck led administration’ to be careful and not to let their selfish interests  override the national gains at any time.

In a statement on Tuesday, the national president, Udo Udoogaranya, pointed out as a reminder to those behind the much talked about impeachment of Jonathan, “President Jonathan comes from a block that waged war for THREE YEARS! with bare hands against an international conspiracy that backed the Federal Government forces and even at that, finally resorted to unspeakable measures to stop the war when these measures are no longer available.”

“Every severe action must attract severe reaction and we call on the members of the National Assembly to stop over-heating the polity for the sake of the masses that bear the brunt; just like what happens to the grass where too Elephants display their strengths.”

All these comes with their prizes, be it a failed state, national crisis, disintegration, or war itself.

Let it be handled with care! The group warns!


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