The inspiring story of the stranger who helped a special needs kid flying alone

When you are a parent to a child on the autistic spectrum, the struggles are endless, but the love you get from the child is accordingly satisfying. One of the major struggles parents of autistic children endure is the society’s treatment of autism. People often don’t know how to act around people that are different from them, and so more often than not the result is that children and adults on the autistic spectrum suffer from social exclusion.


This story is here to show you that luckily there are some people out there who know how to treat children with autism with the patience they require, and how in return they receive endless gratitude and love (not only from the parents, but the children as well). When this mom put her autistic seven-year-old on a plane with a kind note explaining his special circumstances, she never expected how the story would end.

Landon’s unexpected story

Alexa Bjornson’s seven-year-old son Landon was scheduled to take a plane by himself to visit his father in Portland. His mother, naturally, wasn’t enthusiastic about this arrangement, but it was inevitable.

Reluctantly, she had to get on board with the plan. Her main concern was how people would react to her son’s social interaction, which is a field particularly challenging for children and adults on the autistic spectrum.