Stop harassing us, Itsekiri group warn Tompolo

An undiluted warning has been issued to the ex-militant leader, Chief Government Ekpemukpolo, a.k.a, Tompolo by the Itsekiri socio-cultural group, Iwere Peoples Congress, IPC.

The group issued this warning to the ex-militant to stop harassing innocent prominent Itsekiri people within and outside the state.

The group in a statement yesterday by its President General, Prince Ishola Ekwejunor-Etchie, said: “Tompolo should not mistake our quietness for cowardice. We have only chosen to be civil and mature. We are made up of distinguished career men, with all necessary skills, tactics, preparedness and capacity to overrun Tompolo and his cohorts, should we choose to do so. The Itsekiri group said without mincing words.

“We have been watching with keen interest the serial threats by Tompolo and his cohorts on the lives of our people. They disrupted the ground breaking of Export Processing Zone, EPZ. He threatened fire during the chairmanship election in Warri South-West Local Government Area, leading to the substitution of a legitimate chairman with his younger brother. We also saw how the upheaval he started led to the governor quitting his senatorial ambition for peace to reign.

“We shall not take it from him any more. He is cutting the tail of a sleeping tiger. No one has the monopoly of violence.”

It was also in the news sometimes ago that the said ex-militant, Chief government Ekpemukpolo issue warning to some he described as witch hunters to desist from accusing him of what he did not know anything about, and that was in connection with the 14 journalists abducted sometimes ago in Delta state.

From what the group is saying now, it simply shows that Chief Government Tompolo and the Itsekiri group should come together and join hands to trash out whatever may be the problems between them.


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  1. I think this men should take their complain to the court That’s the best way to settle this issues among them and Chief Government

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