A teacher in Uganda chopped boy to death for alleged affair with his wife

A 30-year-old secondary school teacher in Bushenyi, Uganda was last Friday killed by a mob minutes after he was reported to have killed a 17-year-old boy whom he accused of having an affair with his wife according to the neighbors and police report.

The secondary school teacher was reportedly at his home when the boy went to the teacher’s residence to fetch water from a tap in the compound. Suspecting that he came for the wife, the teacher stabbed the boy in the back using a knife, felling him down and chopping the rest of the boy’s body parts according to the eyewitness.

Ms Zara Ninsiima, a neighbour of the deceased boy’s family and a witness to the boy’s murder, said: “At that time, we were only women around and I personally saw Patrick pull the boy as he stabbed and cut him several times around the body.

I and other neighbors couldn’t offer any help apart from making an alarm and crying out for help,” said Ms Ninsiima. She said the boy’s father, Mr Elias Mandevu, came in to help but it was too late to save his son. Residents who responded to the alarm were infuriated by the gruesome act. in retaliation, they stoned and clobbered the teacher to death.

The Police spokesperson said preliminary investigations indicate that the deceased boy was a son of a casual laborer, whom the teacher had accused of having an affair with his wife.

He added that when the boy entered the teacher’s house, the man stabbed him after mistaking him for his father.

“After killing the boy, the angry residents stoned the teacher to death accusing him of killing an innocent person,” Mr Tumusiime said. After the police had left the scene, the mob set the teacher’s house ablaze.


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