The Story Behind the Surrogate Mother Who Gave Birth to Twins, One of Them Her Biological Son

Children are a blessing, but not all parents are biologically capable of conceiving children, and while adoption is the right answer for many, other parents prefer to use a surrogate mother. After having two beautiful children, Jessica Allen decided she wants to share her luck with others and be a surrogate mother. She matched with a Chinese couple unable to have a baby, and they began the mutual journey. At the beginning, it all went smoothly, and Jessica surprisingly but happily gave birth to twins. The story got complicated when Jessica, as well as the new parents, noticed that the twins aren’t identical, and in fact, they don’t look alike whatsoever. A DNA test revealed the shocking answer.


Sharing her bliss

After having two beautiful babies, Jessica Allen decided to do the most generous act imaginable and help a couple who is unable to biologically conceive.

Jessica and her husband Wardell knew this process involves some health risks, but she wanted to be able to give someone the greatest gift possible.