Suicide bomber blown to pieces in attempt to bomb church


What could have been a disastrous New Year was averted by the Boys Brigade at the ECWA Church III behind Gombe state University.

According to one of the members, the suicide bomber arrived on a motorcycle and tried to break the barricade, when  he declined to be checked by the Brigades.

The Boko Haram was said to have been blown to pieces as he tried to meander through the barricade. Five Boys Brigades were slightly injured and another one with serious injuries almost had one of his arms chopped off.

Gombe police spokesman, Fwaje Atajiri, who spoke on the incident said: “He came with a motorcycle and tried to enter the place but as a result of the security measures put in place, he was blocked and the bomb exploded instantly and he was killed”.

He said the deceased bomber did not look like a Nigerian, judging by his facial marks. he also urged the residents to be wary of suspicious movements and report them to the police.

An eye witness, Malam Aminu, whose house is close to the blast scene, told the newsmen that he was inside when he heard a loud sound.

“When I heard the sound, I immediately came out, and what I saw was horrible.

“I just saw human parts scattered everywhere, with blood and pieces of motorcycle which the suicide bomber rode on,” Muhammad said.

Malam Abdullahi Isah, the Secretary, Gombe Specialist Hospital, said 10 injured persons were brought to the hospital.

According to him, the victims sustained various injuries and were undergoing treatment. One of them was taken to the theatre, Isah said.


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