Sugabelly Vs Mustapha Audu – Here Is My Final Judgement

More than 70 million Nigerians both home and abroad, and another 50 million people across Africa and the world in general are currently aware and have been following the rape accusation made by Miss Lotanna Igwe-Odunze (Sugabelly) against Mustapha Audu, son of the former governor of Kogi State, Nigeria. While some have swung to one direction in favor of Sugabelly or Mustapha, others have remained neutral waiting for the final truth to be revealed.

For discerning minds, enough facts have already emerged to enable anyone reach a reasonable conclusion in this matter. In a case like this, you need to look beyond the obvious to properly pass the right judgement. Only the inexperienced person that would not understand what transpires between Mustapha Audu and Sugabelly, and here it is:-

1. Sugabelly at 16/17 was in the most vulnerable stage in her life as a girl. At that stage, girls tend to love for the wrong reasons and some can be sick in love. I have seen two sisters within that age bracket ready and willing to sleep with the same man at the same time, something they may not do when they becomes older. Girls do all sorts of things at that age if not properly monitored, and they can be rebellious.

2. Sugabelly was sick in love and ready to do anything for the (wrong) man she loved. To her little inexperienced mind, she was doing the right thing to please her man. Girls of that age used to act up trying to prove they are matured and ready for anything but in reality they are just naive little minds that understands nothing. Whatever thing they do at that age, they tend to regret later when they become a little bit matured.

3. When a 17 year old girl is deeply infatuated, she can kill for that supposed love, she will go down on her knees apologizing to her man even when the man was the one clearly the offender. The desire to be accepted is at its peak within that age bracket, especially for the girl child.

4. Mr Mustapha Audu at the fully matured age of 25 knew how weak Sugabelly was for him, he was clearly aware of her vulnerability and fully took advantage and molested her at will.

5. Mustapha realized how weak she was for him and used her to his full satisfaction and then dump her. What decent man would f*ck a 17 year old girl that is clearly in love him, pass her around within his siblings, and used her as a birthday gift to friends to f^ck and pass around among themselves on several occasions? Only animal will do that to someones daughter even if the girl is consenting, understanding she was just 16.

6. From the email and Facebook exchange, one can see clearly that Sugabelly was all for love and never for money in any way as some people suggested. She was just a little girl clearly infatuated at that time. She may be weaker s3xually, but that is never enough reason to take advantage of her to that debasing extent.

7. Twice Mustapha have been in the news and twice for the wrong reasons, fraud and rape, at different times. That goes to explain the kind of human being he is.

8. A woman in love is a tool in a manipulative man’s hands ready to be used. If such tool happens to fall in an evil man’s hand, what will happen to that woman may be hard to explain. Even matured married women in love have been manipulated by their men to do all sorts of things in the name of love.

9. The young shall grow is a very popular saying. Sugabelly was a young 17 year old who could not distinguish right from wrong. At 26, she has come to know better, she has come to realize that the event that took place in her life at the age of 17 was not normal and was not supposed to be. Even though she thought she was having fun then, she now realized on the contrary, what happened then was rape –  and rape it is.

10. Some are chastising Madam Ezekwesili and Hon. Abike for speaking in defence of the poor girl. That goes to show how weak and terrible our society has degenerated. On the contrary, these ladies are to be applauded, they are the sane ones among the numerous deaf and dumb elites we have in this society. We as a nation suppose to rise up in one voice to condemn the brazen attitude of many men against women, especially against the girl child starting from this Mustapha because what happened to Sugabelly is currently happening to millions on girls out there.

As Nairaland (Naijadeyhia) rightly puts it,

How old was she at the time Mustapha the 25 yr old slept with her?

If according to the wife she was a troubled teen back then and her husband took advantage of her situation to sleep with her then that is even lower on the scale of honour and shows the questionable character in Mustapha as an opportunist, a bully, plus she could easily classify his bedding her as rape because he took advantage of her with or without her consent because she was a minor plus she was troubled so wasn’t thinking or acting straight so was never in any position to make informed decisions herself.

If she has been talking about this as far back as 2007 (which is on record) why accuse her of trying to be famous now?

Mustaphas wife has indirectly given testimony against her husband that she knows sugarbelly and also knew that both Sugarbelly and her husband had affairs in the past… and the kind of affair she has also admitted to it being that Sugarbelly was taken advantage of as a troubled teen.

I have been following this saga and all fingers point to Mustapha being as guilty as sin. By the way, if Sugarbelly had the sole intention of running down the Audu family why did she go as far as mentioning the names of his friends who took part in molesting her?

At 17 she may have been highly s^xually active in her own misguided way but the fact remains that Mustapha and his wife have both attested to the fact that he had carnal knowledge of a troubled minor.

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