Stop harrassing people, Baale tells Omo-onile!

How many people has had their projects stopped for no real legal reasons? How many have had to use the money meant for their building to settle jobless youths in the areas they bought land?

The usual landlord meetings of Association Estate Daluwon in Mowe Ogun state which usually hold every last Saturday of the month, witnessed something extra ordinary today compared to how it used to be.

As the newly appointed chairman of the developing estate, Engr. Kayode had promised at the inception of his office that he is going to do his best to make sure that estate take up not just some new looks in terms of developments but also to make the place enviable for those that own properties there but have not been able to develop it due to the problems of  the land owners popularly known as the( Omo-Oniles).

His long time efforts in trying to bring the (BAALE) of Daluwun to the meeting finally yielded result today as the man himself, the Baale of Daluwon Araromi Mr. Ogundimu, attended the meeting.

After being welcomed to the meeting by the vice chairman, Mrs Nwanji, it became time for the chairman to narrate to him the reasons why he was called before all in attendants as he had discussed with him before at his palace.

As you may know, the major issues bothers on the Omo-Nile’s that had become a menace, a big issue to everyone that has properties in the developing estate. Why? Before you could do anything in the estate, you are mandated to pay different types of fees ranging from Owo boys to all sorts of illegal levies.

Even to the extents of sometimes, giving you lesser sizes of land than what you actually paid for. But all of this are to be a thing of the past as the Baale have stated that henceforth, anybody who tries that would have a question to answer with the Police.

He agreed to the fact that one has to pay for other things after the purchase of the land, but that does not give any of the so called “boys” the liberty to harass people who are developing their properties in the area.

“Why should people be hindered from developing their properties because of groups that has chosen to be jobless” let them go and look for something to do with their lives” he added.

He however added that the responsible ones among them would be given parts of the money that is generated from the legal roofing, foundation, and ratification fees for their efforts in making sure that the estate is at peace.

The people welcome the new development and cheered the Baale for his understanding.

While there and then, some residents started calling their friends to come down and continue their abandoned projects and those duped to be duly compensated.

From correspondent at Daluwo, Ogun state.


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  1. It was highly appreciated as the community poured praises from all corners wishing him long life and propensities on the throne.

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