State of emergency in Gaza as floods take over!

GAZA saw it in some rather unwanted quantities as weeks of  torrential rain fall has kept people wading through the storms with their legs in their once dried and peaceful surroundings.

The united nations have declared state of emergency following the heavy downfalls that has kept everything in Gaza to standstill.

With 100,000 housing units partially damaged or destroyed, according to the United Nations, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are still sleeping in classrooms and sheltering in the ruins of their gutted houses and apartment buildings.

The once peaceful winter seasons that the residents used to enjoy, has now suddenly turned a nightmare as they are now busy scrambling for their dear lives and that of their young ones.

Hear what one of the residents said:

“I used to love the winter season when my family would gather indoors and share food and have fun, but all of this is gone, we are busy now of covering the house of plastic and curse the winter and the rain.”

You can imagine that. Hundreds of residents were said have evacuated their homes for some safer places for their lives.

About 70 schools has been closed as “emergency fuel to municipalities, water, sanitation,and health facilities were being supplied .

To make matters worst, while the people in Gaza are facing the floods, the two Palestinian political rivals, Fatah and the Islamist militant movement Hamas, are trading accusations over who is really in charge of Gaza and who is to blame for shortfalls in services.

The residents has not really gotten off  from their impoverished state as an estimated 100,000 Palestinians remain homeless in Gaza three months after Israel ended its offensive on the Gaza strip.

This to them is certainly too much as continuous black outs and infrastructural problems as a result of bad roads and ill health still pledge the 1.8 million residents of Gaza.


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