Soyinka is playing ‘the Ostrich’- Presidency

On Monday, December 1, Prof Wole Soyinka has lambasted the president on what he called, ‘reign of impunity’. He said President Jonathan is tolerating lawlessness, which the recent blockade of the National Assembly by security agents is an outstanding example. He went further to liken the president to Nebuchadnezzar of the Bible.

The Presidency has thus responded to his statement, calling him ‘the Ostrich’ who doesn’t know those who really engage in impunity.

In a statement released to Premium times State correspondent, the presidential spokesman, Doyin Okukpe, said Jonathan’s Administration has been the most liberal because it adheres to rule of law and tolerance.

Mr Okukpe added that there are those who should be reprimanded by the professor, for instance, Gov Rotimi Amaechi, who he called ‘the king of impunity.’

“Our eminent professor also sadly plays the ostrich as he failed to reprimand Amaechi who is the national champion of impunity and official recklessness.”

Wole Soyinka did not spare the Media for using the words ‘show of shame’ to describe National Assembly members scaling the gates in order to perform their designated duty.

“I don’t understand why some media have described their action as a show of shame – this is a very careless, easily misapplied designation. The act of scaling gates and walls to fulfill their duty to the people must be set down as their finest hour. They must be applauded, not derided,” he said.

He consequently, expressed his disappointed in the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, for what he described as Partisan policing.


2 thoughts on “Soyinka is playing ‘the Ostrich’- Presidency

  1. clear that Jonathan does not beleive in criticism
    and would rather stick to his guns. He has made
    it abundantly clear that he will never change his
    non-progressive and antagonistic approach to
    issues therefore we the opposition will intensify
    our plans to get him out of office by all means
    before he makes further nonsense of our hard-
    won democracy and return us back to police-
    state status.

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