Invitation to Share Your Opinion With Us (We Value Your Word Of Mouth)

Dear Readers, 

Because I think it is important I know how you are feeling about what we do here, I want to take today out to ask for your opinions in a matter that is very important us. I want everyone to participate in this little assignment including those that usually assume the status of ghosts visitors.

First, let me commend few of my esteemed readers who not only read what we share on this site but also take time out to share their opinions by commenting on the articles. Some praise what we do while some critique what we do – if you are such a person, I want to tell you today that I value your presence on this website. You are the kind of person I want around here because you are not just consuming but adding value to this community.

I want to take today to honor you as my distinguished guest and want you to become part of by being here always. I want to assure you that you are the reason we are here to give and to share, and the reason we must continue doing what we do. I want you to never be like the ghost visitors.

Who are the ghost visitors? They are people who come here, read the articles, enjoy the content, and benefited from the business opportunities we share here without leaving a comment or clicking on the Facebook like button to like the article nor share it with their friends on Twitter. They come and go without leaving a footprint behind. While I appreciates everyone’s presence here, I certainly want every visitor to imbibe the principle of sharing on

If you have been such a reader that neither comment nor share, I want you to come out of your shell and begin to participate in what we do here by commenting and sharing your opinion in any article you finds interesting or even critique the ones you don’t agree with. That’s what makes a true community. This way, we will be able to know how you feel and your opinion about any business opportunity, any news, any facts and references, any idea, and strategies we publish on and be able to make amend if the need be.

When you comment on the posts by asking questions and sharing your opinion, it help us improve the quality of articles on this Blog and at the same times help you improve in your knowledge and understandings of the subjects. Your comments helps bring out additional facts as you contribute what you know while we attempt to answer the raised questions and add more meanings to the posts.

The best gift you can give is the gift of opportunity. While you may not be able to write posts for others to read, you can add to the existing articles by commenting what you know. You never can tell how far your comment will go in impacting the life of other people who may read them.

Let’s Begin With This Post.

1. I want you to write a review about this site here under this letter as a comment. Write the way you feel about what we do here, good or bad. I want to know exactly how you see this website and what you expect us to be in future.

2. Use the Facebook like button below this article to share it with your friends on Facebook and invite them here to become part of this information community.

3. Make it a priority to tell at least 10 persons about within this week, either your family members, in your churches or mosques, working places, and any place you could meet people. We value your word of mouth and we know it is powerful, use it to tell others about what we do here so that they too may become part of this community.

Do all of the above or at least two of the above and watch how your life will be greatly enriched and blessed beyond measure.

It is my humble wish that all the good things you lay your hands shall prosper in multiple ford.

Thank you!

+Darlinton Omeh


20 thoughts on “Invitation to Share Your Opinion With Us (We Value Your Word Of Mouth)

  1. It's not possible for me to attend to all questions. The best way it should be done is if you guys sees any question you know the answer or someone asked question pertaining to field you're familiar with, kindly drop by and answer it. That way, you will be imparting other people's life with your knowledge and helping this community to grow.

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